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Download the PDF of WFPA Newsletter October 2020 here

FPA activities:
Fire season is coming, it time to ensure that you are prepared. Fire season waits for no one! You must have your
firebreaks in place, check the equipment, and ensure you have the proper PPE. We do offer basic fire-fighting training.
If you would like to attend training contact us for more information. You as the landowner must brief your employees
in terms of your response plan in the event of a fire.

Protecting your property against Veld Fires:
You can still enjoy our beautiful and diverse landscape while being fire-wise when it comes to your property. When
you have the privilege to live close to nature, there will always be the risk of a Veld fire. It is possible with the proper
firescaping to protect your home in order to minimize risk and damage if there should be a fire. The term Firescaping
refers to one landscaping in such a way to reduce the probability of fire catching and spreading through your property.
The best way for you to stay informed is to communicate with your FMU ward leaders and if possible to attend the meetings within your FMU.
Remember fire is everyone’s fight!

There should always be adequate access to the home and water supply. You as the landowner should also take the time to assess the vulnerability of your property by identifying any fuel around or close to the property and remove it. It should also be taken into consideration how subjected your property is to winds such as “berg” winds due to the fact combination of strong drying wind and high fuel load will increase the intensity of the fire a great deal. The location of your property plays an important role when you start planning to fire scape your garden. If your property is located close to a slope of some sort, there is an increased risk and extra care should be taken.
The golden rule to work by is: BE LEAN, CLEAN, AND GREEN
One can follow that rule by simply ensuring the gutters are clean, the yard is cleared of dead vegetation, and remove any branches overhanging the roof of the property