The Winelands Fire Protection Association was registered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in November 2014 amalgamating the former Stellenbosch, Tulbach/Wolseley, Witzenburg, Ceres/Kouebokkeveld, Warmbokkeveld FPAs. The boundaries now encompass an area of 2,077,000ha making up large parts of the Cape Winelands District Municipality. See map on left.

Fire Protection Associations are formed and governed under the National Veld and Forest Fire Act (Act 101 of 1998) as voluntary associations of Landowners who wish to cooperate for the purpose of predicting, preventing, managing and extinguishing veldfires.



  • Contribute to community development by reducing injuries, losses to lives, property and the environment due to wildfires
  • Promote Integrated Fire Management together with the useful role of wildfires
  • Protect mountain catchment areas to protect future fresh water supplies
  • Protect the high levels of biodiversity, endemism and red data species of the Cape Florist Region



  • Reduce the incidence and spread of wildfires
  • Promote cooperation and coordination between all role players in wildfires
  • Deploy a veldfire management strategy throughout the FPA area
  • Develop and implement IFMPs for the Fire Management Units
  • Empower landowners in IFM
  • Awareness and compliance of landowners to the NVFFA
  • Compliance of members to the agreed FPA rules
  • Increase in FPA members
  • Awareness to the general public on wildfires
  • Identify and reduce the risks within high fire risk areas
  • Create MOUs and working agreements with neighbouring Fire Brigade Services and FPAs
  • Ensure an adequate wildfire reporting system is in place for all reporting requirements

The Winelands FPA is not a firefighting organisation. Fire suppression operations are conducted according to the Fire Brigade Services Act and remain the responsibility of the Cape Winelands District Municipality.