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How can I help?


  • Fire Services, other Agencies and contract teams have budget and prior arrangements for food and refreshments, and therefore donations are a luxury not a necessity.

    Please speak to the Logistics Section Chief or IC before making a donation of perishable food for quantity and delivery time to allow for planning that all fire-fighters are fed, to ensure food safety is maintained and to prevent wastage.

  • Landowners are in charge of providing / arranging drinking water and food for their staff.

    Please speak to the FPA Ward or FMU leader if you wish to assist with this.

  • Please consider food safety at all times!
    1. It is often hours without refrigeration before food can get to firefighters.
    2. It is often not practical, safe or sometimes possible to drive food out to fire-fighters, meaning food packs sit in hot vehicles or backpacks for many hours till needed.
    3. Therefore non-perishable food items are preferred.
  • Good rations for firefighters are:
    1. 500ml or 1Liter Water bottles.
    2. Energade, Powerade or similar.
    3. High energy snacks (trail mix, peanuts & raisins, biscuits, energy bars, biltong).
    4. Canned foods (baked beans, corned beef, tuna, spaghetti and meat balls, creamed sweetcorn, etc).
    5. Ice cold cooldrinks and chocolates are always a treat for fire-fighters coming off a fire.
    6. And no one will say no to a cup of coffee.


We are grateful for any contributions to lend a hand. We are always in need of additional resources, and any donations, small or large, go directly towards a great cause. 
We thank you in advance for any donations.
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