Newsletter 4 of 2016

Dear FPA members
Fire season has started on 1 November and already we have had several reports of fires. In the last month most FMUs have had pre-season meetings and we will use this newsletter to clarify on the discussions had at some of these meetings.

We also had our SGM last week. Thank you to all who attended or signed a proxy. This allowed us to pass our new constitution and to proceed with the lengthy process of applying for Non-profit Organisation status.

Planned controlled burning PROHIBITED
NO planned controlled burning is allowed between 1 November 2016 till 30 April 2017!!

This is a busy time of year for the Cape Winelands Fire Services and it is a privilage that they will issue special burn permits during this time. Please respect that issueing of permits within 5 working days cannot be guarinteed.

Special burn permits can be applied for through the WFPA for:

  1. Stoppellande
  2. Ecological block burns
Reporting a Fire
Report ALL fires to Cape Winelands District Fire Services on 0218874446
Reporting a Fire on your property
  1. Report fire to Cape Winelands District Fire Services on 0218874446
  2. Notify all neighbours
  3. Report fire on your local Fire WhatsApp group and/or Emergency Radio Channel
  4. Open relavent access gates and disable electric fences
  5. If necessary place someone to give directions to fire and water filling points, and to control traffic
Responding to Assist with Firefighting
  1. Equipment: Ensure all your equipment is working, all required equipment is secured to vehicle and water tanks are full.
  2. PPE: Ensure you and all responding with you are wearing PPE (minimum long jeans or overall pants, leather boots, cotton shirt, gloves, drinking water). Other good to haves are torches at night, goggles, mouth & nose cover, hat or hardhat. See our website for more good to haves.
  3. Report to IC: On arrival report to person in charge of fire (Incident Commander)
  4. Communications: Ensure you have communications with your fellow landowners and that at least 1 of them has direct communication with the Incident Commander or your assigned supervisor.
  5. SAFETY: Keep the safety of yourself and your team in mind at all times!
At a Fire: Communications
  1. IC or supervisor: report to regularly with your position and number of firefighters under your command
  2. FMU/Ward leader: keep in regular contact with
  3. Other responding landowners: keep in regular contact with using local fire radio channel or WhatsApp group
  4. Injuries & accidents: need to be reported to IC immediately
  5. When leaving fire: report to IC or superior
At a Fire: Fire Brigade Services
Local Municipality Fire & Rescue
In charge of structural fires mostly in town limits and rescue at car accidents

Cape Winelands District Fire Services
In charge of veld fires and HazMat. Will take role of Incident Commander on arrival.


  1. Protect life
  2. Protect structures
  3. Protect livelihoods
  4. Protect veld
At a Fire: Aerial Support & Insurance paid fire suppression
  • 1st Hour free by Province with Working on Fire
    • Not unlimited, therefore at Cape Winelands District Municipality discretion
  • There after Cape Winelands contractor (not WoF)
  • Working on Fire aerial resoources for private use
    • Please discuss with Incident Commander first
    • Available to FPA members on 2nd call (1st call Municipalities, CapeNature, MTO)
    • Click here to download the required paperwork
    • Please complete the form and return to if this is an option you may want to make use of during the fire season. This serves as a guaranty that if you request the aircraft you will pay for it.
    • Make sure you understand the T&Cs of your insurance policy
  • Landowner arranged firefighting teams
    • Must report to the Incident Commander on arrival
    • Same communications protocol as for all Landowners
At a Fire: Donations & Food
  1. Fire Services, other Agencies and contract teams have budget and prior arrangements for food and do not need donations.
  2. Landowners are in charge of providing sufficient and safe water and food for their workers.
  3. Donations for Landowners and their staff to be coordinated through the FMU/Ward leader.
  4. No Perishables especially homemade sandwiches and meals will be accepted due to food safety concerns. Distributing and eating food on delivery is near impossible.
  5. Good rations for firefighters are:
    1. Canned foods (baked beans, corned beef, spaghetti and meat balls, creamed sweetcorn, etc)
    2. High energy snacks (trail mix, peanuts & raisins, biscuits, energy bars, biltong)
    3. Energade, Powerade or similar
    4. 500ml or 1Liter Water bottles
    5. Ice cold cooldrinks and chocolates are always a treat for firefighters coming off a fire
Contact Us
Dale Nortje:
Henrietta Brock:   0218885821
Huimari Franken:

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