Newsletter 3 of 2017

Newsletter 3 of 2017
Dear Members
Fire season is closer than you may realise. Already Cape Winelands Fire Services have been called out to their first veld fires. Overberg District has also had a few already. Most of these have been berg wind driven, but it shows how dry our veld is that just a day or two of warm dry conditions is all it takes.
Therefore we urge you to make sure you are ready for firefighting NOW and do not wait for summer to arrive. 
This includes clearing fire breaks, clearing defendable space around buildings, clearing access roads of overhanging branches so fire trucks can get through, doing maintenance on firefighting equipment and buying new where required, and brushing up on fireline safety.

Please have a look at our checklist for FPA compliance (click here to download) and visit our website for all information pertaining to protecting your buildings, creating sufficient access for fire trucks, and equipment and PPE.

Fire Season Preparedness – Equipment
Below is the WFPA guidelines for minimum equipment and firefighting personnel a farm should have or be able to pull in when needed.
We currently only have one recommended supplier of firefighting equipment in Stellenbosch. Limitless is a supplier for Anco and makes good quality rakehoes and beaters themselves. Ryno Marais is also very experienced and can give advice and assist with different water pipe and hoes fittings, pump recommendations, etc.
For standard equipment and PPE orders please see WFPA order form here.

Knysna Donations
We would like to thank everyone who donated for their generous donations. Especially the Franschhoek and Simonsberg Wards that initiated this campaign.
The funds donated were used to cover R30 000 worth of beaters and rakehoes taken to Knysna by Ryno Marais from Limitless. We were also able to cover all his travel costs. While there he was immediately pulled in to assit with firefighting operations.
There are still donated fund left over that will be used exclusively for equipment within the WFPA. Most likely radios.
We are now on Facebook
Like us on @WinelandsFPA and follow our feed during the fire season where we will try to give regular updates on large fires and post the Fire Danger Rating.
Till then we will be posting on awareness, preparing for the fire season, etc.
Training the last push
A email was sent out earlier this week about the following courses:

  1. 1 Day Fireline safety course (refresher for expired Basic Wildfire certificate holders)
  2. 3 Day Fire Boss course (advanced fire theory, tactics and strategies)
  3. 1 Day Introduction to Incident Command Systems (free by WFPA)
  4. 1 Day Fire Safety course (free by Cape Winelands Fire Services)

Please refer to the training email for more info, dates, costs, etc. or contact Henrietta Brock on for a resend of the training email.

Update of Information 2017
Have your contact details or contact person/s changed? 
Please fill in this form as soon as possible. This year we have created a Google form for fast and easy submission, however we also have the form in PDF format for those preferring to print and return.
Click here to go to the Google form
Click here to download PDF
Report ALL veld fires to Cape Winelands District Fire Services on 0218874446
Contact Us
Dale Nortje:
Henrietta Brock:   0218885821
Huimari Franken:

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