Give a gift that keeps giving: 10 Firewise tips for the holidays

Blog post by the National Fire Protection Association of the USA. Even though its written for the US, it is still very appropriate for South Africa.

Full article here:


Here are the slightly South Africanised tips :

  • Clean out gutters while you are hanging up lights.
  • Trim or limb up bushes and small trees before you string lights. Also clear all ladder fuels (low hanging branches, tall grass, dry branches and leaves).
  • lean out under the deck while you are setting up for outdoor entertaining.
  • Cut away branches and clear debris from the braai area and chimney before you light the fire.
  • Take care to clean that first 1.5 metres away from the home, including human treasures such as pieces of construction materials that you know you’ll use someday. The garage is a good place to store those. Get the Firewise gardening pampflet from the WFPA to help make better plant choices.
  • Share the holiday cheer by volunteering to assist a neighbour who needs and wants help cleaning up.
  • Wrap up some sturdy garden tools to use for garden work.
  • In your Christmas emails send along links to the Winelands Fire Protection Association website.
  • Make sure that Father Christmas knows how to find you. Do you have a clearly posted address sign?
  • Finally, share your Firewise and FPA knowledge with neighbours and friends while enjoying a cold one around the braai.

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