Critical State of our Mountain Catchments

These maps were presented to at the pre-season meetings in October and November 2017. They show the fire history of the Mountain Catchments in the Cape Winelands. The maps show all fires from the last 10 years in red. The problem is that Fynbos ideally burns every 10-15 years, with some species in the Boland mountains needing more than 17 years to produce sufficient seeds.

In addition if the Mountain Catchments burn too often at less than 10 years, the mountain wetlands which store a lot of fresh water till late into summer, get severely damaged.

Therefore the majority of our Mountain Catchments should not be allowed to burn this summer!!

Unfortunately we are also sitting in a drought and experiencing extreme weather and fire behaviour due to climate change. This means that many of the 3-7 year old veld that used to not burn well, has been seen in the last few years to carry fire hot and rapidly across it.

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