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FDI Forecast

Below the South African Weather Services FDI forecast. This is the only legally accepted FDI in South Africa.

Other sources: AFIS

FID: EXTREMELY DANGEROUS No open-air fires are allowed under any conditions. All operations likely to ignite fires must be halted, no smoking in the field.


Should be calculated from local readings when conducting a controlled burn.
Best calculated at 10h00 and 14h00 using the Lowveld FDI system.
You need: the Temperature, Wind Speed (kph), Humidity (%), rainfall (mm) in the last 24hrs and days since last rain.
A FDI calculator can be found in the AFIS mobile application.
Manual charts for FDI calculation are available from the FPA.

Tn C = Temperature minimum in degrees Centigrade
Tx C = Temperature maximum in degrees Centigrade
Hx % = Humitidy maximum as a percent
Hn % = Humidity minimum as a percent
mm = Rainfall in millimetres
FDI-D = Fire Danger Indeex dry (calculation without rainfall)
FDI-W = Fire Danger Index wet (caluclation includes rain for last 21 days)
Winds AM KPH = Wind direction and speed at 10h00 in kilometres per hour
Weather AM = Weather at 10h00
Winds PM KPH = Wind direction and speed at 14h00 in kilometres per hour
Weather PM = Weather at 14h00

Detailed FDI Forecast

Disclaimer: Neither WFPA nor its partners can be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising out of or in connection with the use of the FDI information provided. The WFPA does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. It remains the responsibility of the landowner to take weather status into account, on the specific day, when doing a controlled burn or fighting a fire. If you have any difficulties in obtaining the FDI please contact us.