Newsletter 3 of 2016

Dear FPA members
Fire season is very fast approaching and if we don’t get more rain it will be an early start. There have already been 3 mountain fires this past weekend!  Your preparations should be at their busiest now, with checking all your equipment, replacing or buying new equipment, brush cutting fire breaks, burning heaps from alien clearing and assessing access routes.

To assist you with this we have placed on our website the FPA rules for download which give guidelines on fire break width and how many of which equipment you should have. Under the Fire Preparedness section you will also find the specifications needed for the Cape Winelands District Fire Service big red trucks to get access to the fire and to refill them.

To check that you have done all the preparations you could for the fire season, please see below for our new Fire Preparedness and FPA Compliance checklist.

Update of Information
Are your details up to date with the WFPA??
If you have not done so yet this year, are uncertain if you have or information as changed in the last few months, please fill in the Update of Information form and return it to the WFPA as soon as possible so we can have the most up to date contact lists for the fire season.Click here to download the form.
Self checklist for Fire Preparedness and FPA Compliance
The main purpose of this checklist is for fire preparedness. Landowners should use this to check their own pre-season preparedness. The checklist for this reason does not just include firebreaks, staff training and equipment, but also risk assessment, access routes and planning for evacuations.
The WFPA is also going to get stricter on member compliance to the WFPA rules. This self checklist is the same checklist with which the WFPA will do spot checks.Click here to download the check list.
From the Board
The new Office-bearers for the WFPA are:
1. Chairperson: Robert Zulch (CeresWitzenberg)
2. Vice-Chairperson: Adrian Robinson (Langeberg)
3. Treasurer: Nico Uys (Stellenbosch)
4. Secretary: Henrietta Brock (WFPA)It was decided that the WFPA should become a Non-profit Organisation for more formalisation, tax benefits and create more opportunities for funding and grants.
Changes to the Constitution
To become a Non-profit Organisation additions need to be made to the WFPA constitution.
These changes mostly deal with:
1. Provision for a body corporate
2. Minutes taken at meetings
3. Manner of decision making
4. Office-bearers of the Board
5. AssetsClick here to download the constitution with changes indicated.

To approve this new Constitution a Special General Meeting will be held on 9 November. Voting will happen the same as with the AGM. Each FMU is to hold a meeting for input, discussions, objections and handing the FMU leader your proxy vote. FMU leaders will them attend the SGM for the official vote.

Feedback from Training
We ran several successful courses in the past month.
8 Basic Wildland Firefighter (145 participants)
1 Planned Controlled Burning (12 participants)
2 ICS Introduction (32 participants)Next year we will do better with setting dates well ahead of time.
Contact Us
Dale Nortje:
Henrietta Brock:   0218885821
Huimari Franken:

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